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A little thank you from the digital crafter

Free Resources: FAQ

Download our leaflet on Coaching and then book a session


Need a little help with the entertainment for a family gathering?  Then download our quiz.

Review Your Year & Plan 2020.png

YearCompass is a free download designed to help you review your year and plan for next year.

style guide.png

Do you have a style guide?  

I have one and I'm going to share it with you.  Download it now

new years resolutions.png

Download our New Year resolution work sheet to help you plan and record your resolutions.


Be proactive about your goals! Take effective actions that support you and your goals, and you’ll find that achievement comes much easier.

So, get started by downloading my New Year Goal Setting booklet for free.

New year new joy.png

Get that cup of tea, sit yourself down, go through our download affirmation and remind yourself that you can welcome in this New Year with Joy.

decision making worksheet.png

Download our free decision making worksheet and tackle those big decisions

setting targets II.png

Need to set goals?  Then download our free goal setting flow chart to help you

Do more.png

So, time to give yourself another good talk, afirmation or just pepe talk. It's my pep talk in a box for customer service to remind you when you have 'just one of those days' or you are loosing your motivation, that you are great with customers.  Download this now

avoid stress.png

How you deal with stress also affects your health.

Download our simple two page worksheet to help you look at what stresses you have and how to deal with them.

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