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How to stay organized at work

It is all too easy to end up running from one thing to another as a crafter who is also trying to sell their work.

One day you are creating beautiful things, then you have to get them onto your website, social media, take them to fairs.

Suddenly you are all things to all people.

The simplest way to keep on top of things is to set time aside for your website, social media and planning.

Book a call with your marketing guru, here at the digital crafter, to plan your social media activity and schedule your posts using a paid or free service, such as hootsuite. Jot down a few ideas for your next blog and organise your thoughts using an online card system, like trello.

But, don't force yourself to stop being creative whilst doing this side of your business. Keep a notebook by your side so you can write down any new ideas for your creating when they happen otherwise you are going to stop doing what you should be and start thining about not being able to do that.

And, make sure you book mark our blog as we will be sharing tips on how to use some of these great planning tools

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