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Building rapport with your customers and planting the seeds for an on-going relationship.

When I first started coaching, everyone that I met in the Coaching world would talk about having an ‘elevator speech’. You know, the 30 second introduction to what you do and how you do it that has to include what makes you unique and hits the customer between the eyes and … and …. All that in 30 seconds? They must be joking?

We've all moved on and no one does elevator speaches but social media needs you to be express yourself in images and short phrases.

So how do you get yourself across in social media?

Being able to show yourself to your potential and existing customers is a great way to build rapport with them.

  1. Know what you want to say

  2. Be concise

  3. Use imagry to grab their attention

  4. Keep your look consistent; choose a font and colour theme and keep to them

  5. Keep a diary / planner of what you have posted and what you intend to post so you don't repeat messages

  6. Make sure your hashtags match your content

What resources can you use?

Image Creation

  • I use Adobe Spark and Canva

  • I like Spark because you can set up image templates and then change the content as you need to along with adding in your logos and chosen colours into the templates

  • Canva is good because you can create transparent images to put on websites etc

Free images


  • Trello is an online planner where you can create index cards to allow you to plan visually what you want to do. You can also share your planner boards and even better ... it's free

Want to plan your social media better? Then why not schedule a 1:1 social media planning session.

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