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Our top five tips for getting your online shop Christmas ready

Can we talk about christmas

Can we talk about the C word? Christmas. It’s coming and burying your head in the sand is not going to put it off.

It happens every year and yet we still get taken by surprise.

Here are our top 5 tips for getting your shop Christmas ready

#1 categories

  • Get your Christmas category ready with the products you want to highlight and promote already to go

#2 tags and search terms

  • Make your shop searchable.

  • Are all your product tags up to date?

  • Does your shop have SEO?

  • Is it up to date too?

#3 pictures

  • Are you showing your products off to their best?

  • Do you have more than just a single image for each product?

  • Are all variations shown so that your customers can make an informed choice?

#4 social media

  • Are you promoting individual products on your social media?

  • Don’t forget to include links to buy them in your posts. Are your hashtags always the same?

  • Don’t forget to add in hashtags that target the right audience for each product.

#5 get an independent review of your site

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