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We all make mistakes

Well, that post was not one of my best.

I had decided to write my posts ahead of time and schedule them ... not a bad idea and one which I've suggested here in the past.

But this time I decided to do it at 1230 in the morning ... yep ... half past midnight ... because I couldn't sleep.

And what happended? I created a fantastic animated image to put onto my different facebook pages and instagram promoting a craft event I'll be attending in December.

So far, so good. The text on the post was fine, the hashtags were perfect.

But the date in the image was WRONG!!!

Turns out that Sunday is the 8th December not the 7th.


I redid my video and scheduled a post with the new video in. I also made sure that I made a point about the date and told my followers the truth ... I'd decided to do this when tired.

It's not the end of the world when you do something wrong. Admit it, tell your followers you got it wrong. You are human, they can relate to that. And that laughing you can hear? It's them laughing with you because they know that they have or will do the same at sometime.

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