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Accelerated Learning - Can it help you concetrate on other things?

Accelerated learning was a really big thing back in the 80s and 90s and then it just lost it's kudos.

But just because it has fallen out of fashion doesn't mean it has stopped working.

Colin Rose, who brought together a number of learning principles, put forward that Accelerated Learning is a unique way of presenting information to gain powerful learning experiences.

One of the key principles that Colin Rose suggested was that if we play music when learning that has the same beat as our hearts then we are more likely to relax and take in what we are reading or learning. He suggested that Baroque music is perfect for this. I have personally found that similar beats help me when I'm creating and designing.

In particular, music works well when you are dealing with new things. It ensures left/right brain linkage, creates an auditory and rhythmic association with the material, creates an emotive link with the material and simultaneously promotes a state of relaxed awareness by “leading”.

Memory works by creating a network of associated ideas.

Rhythm and rhyme are also important aids to memory, so having songs that have simple lyrics that you know and don't think about but sing to as you make things help to link your left and right sides of your brains together to be more creative.

If you have a spotify account then why not try out this playlist as your introduction to Baroque.

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