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Coaching - isn't it all old hat now?

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

10 years ago and coaching was all the rage. Personal coaching, business coaching, life coaching ... you name it, you could pay someone just under £100 an hour for them to sit and listen to you talking about how you weren't meeting your goals. Training was available to become a life coach. Just handover a thousand pounds, come to three events where there are hundreds of people listening to some guy on stage and you can become a life coach.

Well this isn't that. Why?

I qualified as a NLP Practictioner and business coach back in the heady days of 1999, yep, that is 20 years I've been doing this. What I do is now so natural that it is even part of how I plan my work and organise my goals. This is about teaching you the skills to do this for yourself. In fact, sometimes I have to stop myself from going into coach mode when a friend just wants to have a rant about their life.

What makes coaching with the digital crafter different?

Because the digital crafter is all about supporting crafters.

  1. I'm a crafter and I understand.

  2. The first thing is that this is affordable. Book a single session for less than tickets and food at the cinema. Book a series of sessions and you get to save money.

  3. This can be done by phone or by skype so you control the level of interpersonal contact you have.

  4. You can choose to focus on personal, work or a mixture of both.

  5. You choose how far you take the coaching

In otherwords, you are in charge.

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