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Do you schedule?

Are you still writing social media each day or have you found scheduling?

A while back, I discovered that planning my social media in advance allowed me to develop a conversation with my customers over a number of posts.

Then, I learnt about scheduling my posts.

This meant that I could plan what I wanted to say, spend a couple of hours a week creating my posts and then scheduling them.

I schedule my blogs and then I schedule my posts to go out just after my blogs.

You're wondering why?

Well, when I used to post in real time it actually took me longer because I was writing each post individually, opening up each bit of software individually, and finding my calendars out.

By planning what I want to talk about over a week or two, I'm more focused and can be clearer and link my posts better.

This means that I actually create better work but spend less time on it.

And the other advantage? When life gets in the way, I don't have to worry that I've got a post to get out because I've already scheduled it. This means I can stay in bed on Sunday, I can go out with friends unexpectedly and I can spend the evening creating new products for my travelling haberdashery, etui coterie.

Infact, as you read this I'm at the hospital supporting a friend.

What resources can you use?

I use Hootsuite. Whilst I use the paid version as it allows me to link lots of social media platforms linked to it but hootsuite offer a free version that let's you link two social media accounts to it - great for your facebook page and instagram.

Want to get set up on hootsuite? Then why not let me set up your basic hootsuite account?

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